Save Money on Out of Pocket Medical and Prescription Drug Costs

US Health is the nation's premier web app that saves consumers money on out-of-pocket medical and pharmacy expenses.

US Health is a health savings tool designed to assist you in navigating through all aspects of health care. We provide you access to board certified physicians via telephone or videoconferencing 24/7/365. In addition, we offer various services ranging from prescription savings tools to medical bill negotiations.

It is a must have if you are on a High Deductible Health Plan, Limited Medical, Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan, non-benefited or if you are uninsured. For more information on the great benefits of US Health, click on the tiles checked below for additional information.

navigo health

  Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Express Healthcare
Speak to a doctor now
Pharmacy Savings
Pharmacy and mail order prescriptions
Medical Pricing Transparency
Find a fair price for medical treatments
Medical Bill Negotiations
Simplify your healthcare expenses
Insurance Plan Verification
Check your insurance eligibility in real-time
Behavioral Health
Comprehensive treatment programs for mental and emotional health
Healthcare Liaison
Maximize your healthcare savings
SELECT $13.00/mo
for 12 months.
SELECT $16.00/mo
for 12 months.
SELECT $21.00/mo
for 12 months.